The heart of our sport lies in how successfully we can turn young border collies into working sheepdogs. The articles on this page have been written to help with that difficult task.


Preparing Your Pup for Training (by Patrick Shannahan)

First Exposure to Sheep (by Robin French)

Mental Attitude in Early Training (by Beverly Lambert)

Class Action (by Candy Kennedy): thoughts on lessons and starting a young dog

Getting Together with a New Trained Dog (by Carol Campion)

Denise Wall's YouTube series on starting a pup: May at eight months, ten months, eleven months, fourteen months, eighteen months, and twenty-two months.


Warning Label: Coming When Called (by Candy Kennedy)

Stage Fright: Different Stages of Dog Training (by Candy Kennedy)

Outrun Questions (by Beverly Lambert)

Widening a Dog (by Carol Campion)

Starting Flank Commands (by Kent Kuykendall)

Lift Off (by Candy Kennedy): teaching a proper lift

Lift Questions
(by Beverly Lambert)

What Is Balance? (by Candy Kennedy)

Tone of Voice: It's Not What You Say, It's How You Say It (by Kathy Knox)

Pace: An Interview with Warren Mick (by Fiona Robertson)


Whistle Theory (mp3 download from Kent Kuykendall's whistle CD)

Finely Ground: Relaxing a Dog on Flanks (by Candy Kennedy)

Teaching Redirects (by Angie Coker)

Teaching a Shed (by Carol Campion)

The International Shed
(by Beverly Lambert)


To Grip or Not to Grip (by Patrick Shannahan): dealing with a dog who grips

Gripping (by Carol Campion)